The flags Feather flag (Feather, Sail) and Flying flag (Drop)

The flags Feather flag (Feather, Sail) and Flying flag (Drop) – are varieties of street flags, quickly gaining popularity in Europe, and now in Moldova. Due to its unusual shape, such flags are ideal for advertising purposes. The dynamic behavior of the flags allows them to effectively attract attention to themselves. Their mounting allows you to better transmit advertising information, as they are static even with strong wind. Flags will be a bright attribute of any event, favorably focus attention on your company.

Flagstocks are made of durable fiberglass and aluminum, lightweight, compact, mobile, just disassembled and assembled. The whole structure consists of three different elements: the flag itself – the canvas, the mast on which it dress and the base on which the flag is set.

Name Size Flagpole Image
Feather flag S 290 cm 65 × 205cm
Feather flag M 390 cm 75 × 300cm
Feather flag L 520 cm 80 × 420cm
Flying flag S 290 cm 80 × 170cm
Flying flag M 430 cm 100 × 300cm
Flying flag L 570 cm 120 × 360cm