Mobile Exhibition Stands

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Mobile Exhibition Stands

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Mobile exhibition design – business class!

Mobile advertising stands

In the modern advertising equipment market, mobile exhibition stands hold a strong position. These are easy folding designs with a plastic or aluminum basis and replaceable photopanels for placement of necessary information.

Stands are varied and have ample opportunities, because they can be used when holding diverse events – exhibitions, presentations, fairs. The main advantages are mobility, low weight, ease of assembly and disassembly, easy transportation, affordable price.

Mobile advertising structures come in various types. Due to this, each client can choose the best option for solving the tasks.

Roll Up

Roll Up – this is a compact mobile stands, consisting of an aluminum frame, supporting structure. The photo canvas is stretched on the frame, on which the necessary advertising information is presented. The advantage of this option is ease of assembly and reliability.

The aluminum frame has a height of 2 meters, and the width can vary from 80 to 150 cm, depending on the wishes of the customer. It is easy to remove the photo float, for transportation and storage it is rolled up and placed inside the case.

The advertising image can be replaced if the information has become irrelevant.

The construction weighs from 2 to 3.4 kg (depending on the width), the construction can be assembled in 15 seconds. More information on Roll Up stands you will find here.

Pop Up


Pop Up or press wall – one of the most popular mobile advertising structures. This is a large stand, the height of the structure is 2.3 meters, the width may vary depending on the layout ordered.

Velkro Modification

The stand has an umbrella design, for the manufacture of the frame used aluminum and plastic. The installation takes less than 1 minute. The photopanel is fastened to the installed frame, the fastening is carried out with Velcro tape.

This stand is the best choice for the design of exhibitions, presentations, any promotional events. The shape of the frame can be straight or curved at the choice of the buyer. The weight of the mobile stand is 12 kg. For convenient storage and transportation of structural elements are packed in a bag.

Coyote Modification

These are mobile stands for business class exhibitions. They are an umbrella construction, which is a frame for mounting photo panels. For mounting tape is used. The form of the stand is curved.

The set of delivery, in addition to the main frame, includes stiffening ribs for strengthening the structure, a set of plastic panels with magnetic tape for fastening, necessary fittings. If necessary, the stand can be used as a table-tribune.

For ease of transport, all components are packed in a bag on wheels. Equipment weight – 24 kg, the assembly takes about three minutes.
Learn more about the Pop Up booths here .

A board

The double-sided pillar A Board (A stand) is an external shield with removable panels for images.

Click modification

Equipped with a click system, thanks to which you can change the advertising in seconds picture. To perform the replacement does not require the use of a special tool, you just need to remove the old poster and install a new one in its place.

The Shender has an aluminum frame and steel legs, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The package includes a plastic image protection with anti-glare effect. The assembly time of the structure is 10 seconds. Dimensions of plastic panels – A1 and A2

Street modification

The difference with this modification is the weighted design, this pillar is recommended for outdoor events. The base is a water tank, giving the structure weight. And powerful springs exclude tipping from wind gusts.

Stand Econom PS modification

A lightweight polystyrene outboard that allows installation of a panel for writing with chalk or marker. An excellent choice for small cafes to present a portable menu.

More detailed information about the pillars here .

X Banner

Promotion counter

The X stand is the most economical and easy version of the stand for the presentation of goods and services. It is a construction of steel and plastic for the installation of the poster. The poster is stretched at 4 points. The banner is fastened with a cap nut. The construction weighs 2-3 kg, it is assembled in 5 seconds. Details on the X booths in this section .

A light plastic promotional table can be used to present various products. It is equipped with a rack on which the advertising poster fastens. To strengthen the plastic construction, metal supports are used, which are installed between the table top and the base. More about the promo table here .

Brochure Holder


Light bukletnitsa – a necessary thing for the dissemination of printed products. Metal bukletnitsa frame, shelves – from polymer glass. Details are connected on hinges, which ensures quick assembly.

Assembled brochure holder is folded into an aluminum case, the assembly takes 10 seconds.

You can use advertising flags to present your products. Install them on the street, flag flags can have different shapes – feather, drop, sail. Flags can ensure high quality of information transfer even with strong winds

Flags can decorate any event, they attract the attention of potential consumers with a bright and unusual design. The design consists of three parts – the canvas with the advertising image, the mast for fastening the canvas and the rack for the installation of the match. Full details on the advertising flags here .

Which option to choose?

In the advertising market, mobile stands are presented in a large assortment. When choosing an option, it is necessary to develop an individual plan for an advertising company. Depending on the tasks, the equipment is selected taking into account the price and the ability to most effectively offer the potential goods or services to potential consumers.