Two-sided Roll Up

Two-sided Roll Up – allows you to place 2 independent canvas, facing in opposite directions. A good solution for covering multidirectional flows with minimal costs.

The design of the two-sided Roll Up stand is designed in such a way that allows you to fix two banners in one design and use two sides for promotional purposes. The stand is equipped with two tension rollers, on which banners are stuck, and similarly one-sided construction is folded and stored inside the structure. In the center of the stand is installed aluminum composite stand, it is attached to both posters. Such a Roll Up stand is convenient to install where pedestrians move. Advertising is shown in both directions, thereby ensuring the highest attention-drawing effect.

  • Bilateral roll up with a wider base, more stable, less prone to rolling.
  • Sizes of a cloth: Height – 200 cm Width – 80 cm
  • Construction material: aluminum, plastic
  • Packing: Cloth bag with cardboard seal
  • Weight (kg) 5.5
  • Build time 15 seconds.