L Banner Double (Double Sided

L Banner Double (Double Sided) – is a very light and simple advertising design. An aluminum profile is attached to the advertising image from below and above, the image is stretched using the L-shaped construction, and the stand can already be used for its intended purpose. The bottom profile also serves as a support. These mobile exhibits require a minimum of installation space and are assembled in less than one minute. Printed materials are protected from damage during frequent movements by packing them in a tube. L-banners are used very widely, they are made for exhibitions and seminars, presentations and conferences, design of points of sale and promotions.

  • Size of the canvas: 2 x 80cm * 200cm.
  • Construction material: aluminum, plastic.
  • Packing: Cloth bag with cardboard seal.
  • Weight (kg) 3.0.
  • Build time 15 seconds.