Poster Stand

Poster Stand – Information telescopic (adjustable height) rack for menus, for bars, for cafes, for restaurants. Information counters are very popular in shopping centers, where you need to draw the visitor’s attention to sales, news and so on. Also, such racks are indispensable at catering establishments, where they are used, usually, to present a menu or individual dishes. The mobility and compactness of the racks allows them to be used in almost any, even the most limited space, and, if necessary, quickly move from place to place. The frame of the rack is made of aluminum click-profile, which allows in a few seconds to change the advertising image without the use of special tools.

  • The holder of information on an adjustable leg. Height up to 120 cm.
  • Unghiul de inclinare se regleaza vertical.
  • The angle of inclination of the frame is adjusted to the vertical. There are 2 positions: vertical and horizontal.
  • Image sizes: A4 – (297 mm x 210 mm)
  • Construction material: aluminum
  • Package: Cardboard box
  • Weight (kg) 2.0