X Banner Street (Street

X Banner Street (Street) – designed for outdoor placement. The design is equipped with a ballast tank at the base, which can be filled with water, non-freezing liquid or sand to ensure the stability of the stand. Street X-banner involves the placement of one or two banners measuring 60×160 cm or 80×180 cm (due to the height-adjustable stand). The stand consists of a ballast tank base and a rack-holder of the banner. The rack in unassembled form is stored and transported in a compact nylon case with a handle.

  • The dimensions of the canvas: 60cm * 160cm, 80cm * 180cm.
  • Construction material: aluminum, plastic.
  • Packing: Cloth bag with cardboard seal.
  • Weight (kg) 10.0.
  • Build time 30 seconds